White Noise: Asleep in the American Dream
Fall 2005

Wake up and smell the coffee, the roses, the American Dream.
Check your privilege at the door. Put your open mind in an upright and
locked position. You have nothing to lose but your dominance. Vox
Feminista invites you to explore the past, present, and future of white
privilege in our latest leftist extravaganza, "White Noise: Asleep in the
American Dream."

The first rule of a dysfunctional family is "Don't talk about it."
The first rule of global domination is "Don't think about it."
Vox is breaking the rules this fall in a searing exploration of the hidden
side of western civilization. "White Noise: Asleep in the American
Dream" is a theatrical experiment to break through 500 years of
denial, gorgeously gift wrapped in comedy, tragedy, poetry, video,
dialogue, monologue, dance and song. How have we come to conquer the
world? How have we wanted to do this? And can we stop wanting it?
This show will wake you up if you are dozing, and keep you up if you
are longing to do more for the cause of social and environmental