Vox Feminista

Live From Planet Earth: Uh Oh*!
-----*Universal Holy Order of Organisms in Harmony



This fall, join us for the launch of the maiden voyage of a homegrown cruise ship, the USS Denial. Bearing an assortment of delusional Americans beyond petroleum is the task of the newest Vox Feminista vessel.

What if there was an intergalactic council of beings judging our behavior as a species?
What if the cosmic vote was coming up on our continued survival?
Colorado’s own radical theater troupe snaps a big picture of looming disaster and opportunity as this ship of fools faces melting icebergs, exploding oil wells, economic meltdown, illegal Mexicans, legal marijuana, queer mermaids, the sedation of social networking, and the wrath of Nature. Under the watchful eye of a spy from The Universal Holy Order of Organisms in Harmony - or Uh-Oh - the cast ventures into the deeps to face the consequences of alienation and the healing possibilities of community.

Live From Planet Earth: Uh-Oh! is Vox’s latest show as we begin our 21st year of splitting sides and blowing minds. Vox is here to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.