Shooting Stars in Retrograde: Alienated on Earth
Spring 2002


It's a black helicopter! It's a UFO!
It's the Shooting Stars Tour.

Vox Feminista proudly presents our latest creation of resistance theater: Shooting Stars in Retrograde: Alienated on Earth. Featuring a delicious assortment of alien showgirls, sucked into an unscheduled riotous gig on planet Earth.

While beaming through space on an interplanetary tour of the galaxy, a ship of female space performers take a shortcut and get caught in the heavy vibes emanating from Earth. Overcome by the weight of the globalized world, the troupe find themselves marooned on a strange and lovely planet in peril. Vox explores and critiques the terrain of social and environmental justice from a distinctly alien perspective.

Thought you had a few questions about what's going down in our world? Join these outer space protagonists and their earth sisters as they try to analyse and unravel the stunning paradoxes that make our current culture and history a crossroads in intergalactic space and time.