Noasis: Last Call for Water 
Fall 2002


Bathe, soak, purify, quench. Water. The essence of life. Spill. The earth is running out of water. Flood. The climate is changing. Flush. The politics of water are profound. Globalization, privatization, overconsumption, pollution, global warming. While the culture of grabbing and greed dreams of ever more power and control over the earth, others are dreaming too.


Vox Feminista, Boulder's hottest feminist theater troupe, joins our dream to that of a global, grassroots uprising which insists that another world is possible. Vox is dreaming of the 11th commandment: You shall love nature of which you are a part. Towards that end, we are proud to announce our newest show in a continuing dream of living in right relation to the earth, Noasis: Last Call for Water.

This whole show focuses on the profusion of water- related issues. Drama, comedy, spoken word, drumming, videos and the news all speak to the difference between valuing water and putting a market value on water. Canadian farmers, Indian dams, Bolivian protests, sustainable energy, genetic engineering, golf courses and swimming pools in the desert, and the unraveling terrorism of the Washington oilogarchy fanning the flames of war are a few of the topics this new show addresses.

The storyline of Noasis spins between two polarized sets: a sacred well of ancient power and potent wisdom, and a water bar, a local hangout where all the water is bottled and sold to patrons. The characters shift back and forth as two conflicting futures are revealed. The present balances on the tightrope of this polarity. Scarcity and exploitation or oneness and abundance, oasis or mirage, humanity descending or ascending? It's up to us to decide.

Vox Feminista is a small band of roving eco-feminist radical performers, activists, and outcasts who've kept the Boulder-Denver community riled up with social criticism and analysis for over 12 years. Our mission, as always, is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. We shout out from the stage and the streets at this post-Microsoft, globally monopolized, genetically altered, politically corrupt, chemical, nuclear, plastic and prosac world we've inherited. Our hope is to plant memes- idea seeds- to expand the neglected geographies of culture, environment, and self. Join us in our sacred and profane playfulness as we challenge the unknown boundaries of our uncertain future.

Vox Water is Precious Flier print. copy. post.