And the Pursuit of Happiness
FALL 2008

Are you happy? Historically, the Declaration of Independence grants us Life (check), Liberty (check again), and the vague promise of a "pursuit" of happiness. So, have you found it? What does it mean to be happy in a 21st century, denial saturated, democracy shattered, alienated unilateral superpower? How do we move together, through times of chaos, and build sustainable systems and resilient communities to make positive changes and survive the challenges to our lives and our liberties? What's the next thing we need to create?

Join Vox Feminista on a crazy joy ride as we pursue the answers to these questions and more. Can't get no satisfaction? Visit happy hour at The G Spot where we float our bliss instead of drowning our sorrows. Creativity is the gateway to reclaiming struggle and ecstasy. Plug into the energy this fall!

Join Oak, Mo, Raven, Andrea, Libby, Holly, Erica, Katie and Joy in Vox Feminista's "... And the Pursuit of Happiness"

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photo by Kate Levy

photo by Kate Levy