Garlic Grrrlz Reek Revenge: Justice in Our Magic Box
Spring 2000

illustration by Joy Boston

Garlic Grrrlz Reek Revenge: Justice in Our Magic Box, is an aikido move in defense of life and of the earth. This show spotlights the abuses of corporate power, global injustice, our ability to fight back and reclaim our world, and the many blessings of garlic.

The WTO protests in Seattle that heralded in our new millennium were also a trumpet call introducing a new world power, The Globalized. We are, each and every one of us, on this same team.

The Garlic Grrrlz will highlight some of the revolts of the globalized as we struggle against the vast wealth and power of the elite few. We are seeking an earthbound democracy for all: all workers, all hard won social welfare systems, all living beings that comprise the environment.


As Garlic Grrlz, we embody the healing properties of garlic, a truly magical herb responsible for a variety of real and metaphoric powers that are needed in our battle to save the earth. Garlic enhances our immune systems, compromised by the poisons and cancers of pollution, by the stress of living on this embattled, overcrowded planet, and by the dis-ease of patriachy. Garlic fights parasites and germs like those spread by advertising, sexism, racism, homophobia, greed, and violence. Garlic wards off evil vampires, like corporate CEO’s, lying politicians, mad nuclear and genetic scientists, and Christian fundamentalists. Garlic, like radical feminst activists, is decentralized and grassroots, and lives independently of social, political, and economic institutions of the capitalist patriarchy, while seeking to effect change directly through its own action. And perhaps most profound, garlic is a perennial that teaches us about nature's endurance, and the eternal return.

The Garlic Grrrlz are perennial beings, returning this spring to seek their Magic Box. This show takes the epic form of a sacred quest, as our sheroes encounter more and more bogus magic in their search for real power, true democracy, and a living justice for all. In our garlic fantasies, we discovered that the thing about being perennial is, you get a sense of the spirit of place, and when disturbing earth changes come, or new genetically engineered neighbors move in, or the dominant species that sucks up everything gets more and more unbalanced, you know it. This knowledge comes from the ground, and feeds your commitment to stand in your place, dance through your cycles in tune with the earth, and to tell the truth as you see it.

Let the grassroots underground movement of the Garlic Grrrlz move you from the bottom up. Wake up to an earth celebration this spring with Vox Femina.