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herstory gallery:

20th Anniversary Page
Vox - since october 1989

Joy Boston's Paintings
a gallery of works from 2006 - 2007

It's Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings
illustration - Joy Boston, 2003

God Told Bush
illustration - Joy Boston, 2003

Silo Protest summer 2003

Kali Protests War
fall 2002 - anti-war protest in Denver, Colorado

Her Story
illustration celebrating 10 years of Vox Femina - Joy Boston, 1999

Vox Archives 1989-1999
old school - the first decade of Vox Femina fliers


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Vox Feminista is a multi-media, multi-passionate performance tribe of radical feminists bent on social change through cultural revolution. We are political activists who blend entertainment with education to inspire and awaken our audience to take action toward global justice.