Fall 2007

Fearless Freakshow

Step right up! Step right up to the greatest show on planet Mirth - Freakshow that is. Maybe the sky really is falling, or maybe it's just the fear factory, pumping out propaganda. Yes, in Scare City, they sell fear like bottled water, but the circus has come to town.

Vox Feminista returns, loud and proud with thirteen chances to see their brand new fall performance, The Fearless Freakshow. It's a three ring extravaganza, (executive, legislative, and judicial) that examines life in the terrified, corporatized, militarized, post-neighborhood Information Age. The anxiety-provoking horrors of war and surveillance, immigration and homophobia, corruption and homelessness, health insurance and global warming, fears of abandonment and fears of intimacy all collide in the unified fun house of the creative mind. You'll cringe! You'll wince! You'll quake in your boots and wet your pants. The alternative reality of the freak show illuminates the denial and delusions created to distract us from what we really should be afraid of: our complacency, consumption, alienation, and ignorance.

Vox's Freaks perform comedy, drama, video, magic, and music in the latest political cabaret to hit the streets and blow your fears away. Take sanctuary from the terrorists; come see the freaks and be inspired in all the realms of fearlessness. Escape from the theater of terror to the theater of the possible and fight back against the psychological warfare that's controlling our culture.

This show features Mo, Oak, Raven, Andrea, Holly and Caitlin as performers, with videos by Libby and Joy.