Fall 2006


Hey, have you got change for a paradigm?

Vox Feminista is back with their all new, all grrrlz Front Range Tour - eleven shows in almost as many locations.

"Civil Lies" is an examination of the epic epoch unfolding all around us. Some call it the Great Turning, others think of it as the crash of civilization. Prophesies are coming down like rain. Grab a seat and let's talk about it.

Is our lifestyle sustainable? Will technology save us? Is our North American culture the apex of the apex of civilization? If you've answered no to any of these questions, if you've answered yes, have we got a show for you!

Escape from the theater of terror to the theater of the possible. Hear the news and check out the views from the frontal lobe of your landbase.

Featuring Mo, Oak Chezar, Joy Boston, Nancy Norton, Raven, Andrea Gibson and Holly Smokovitz.

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