Strange Cages – The Human Zoo
Spring 2008

Prisons. War zones . Zoos. Pornography. Ghettos. Dams. Barbed wire.
The spectacle of our culture's cages surrounds us. And the not-so-obvious cages: Obedience. Traffic jams. Convenience. Dead-end jobs. Debt. Ignorance. Pollution. Consumerism. Denial. And the voluntary cages: Megatechnology Addiction. Gated communities. Surveillance. Science. Isolation. Empire. Cages of habits and habitats. What if your mind's in a cage, and you don’t know you’re in a cage? Is it still a cage? Cages through the ages. It’s time to engage the cages. To disengage, to love and rage in the maze of cages. We know it’s wrong, but we don’t speak up. Well, the silence ends here. It’s time for a jailbreak. Open the gates!

Join Vox Feminista as we work to illuminate and subvert the spectacle of the cages. Beyond our lifestyle of sealed boundaries and unattainable desires, in the land of the key and the home of the cage, check out what liberation could look like for all the unfinished animals. Beyond the boxes we’re asking the question: who let the humans out?

Our spring show busts us out of the cages of technology, gender,
prison, war, revolution, silence, and the spectacle surrounding our lives.